Friday, January 7, 2022

Frugal Friday 1/7/22


I made 4 pillows for the couch (2 pillow forms were from a gift card from Swagbucks for Joanne's and I paid 25 cents at a yard sale for another). I didn't have a pillow form for the last one so stuffed it with stuffing I already had. I bought the fabric the last of December with a 40% coupon.  Total cost approximately 5 dollars a pillow.

My washer was delivered on Wednesday.  I've spent my days happily washing clothes at home!  I saved money at the laundromat but yet I paid for a washer/dryer.  You know, I'm good with that!  

Between the two of us we plowed and shoveled out a neighbor's driveway this past week.  He is giving us a dinner out today.   We just did it out of kindness though but we are excited for a take out!

We used a Christmas gift card for a burger when we went out of town yesterday.  We've used coupons to make the gift card last as long as possible.  I think with a coupon we will get one more use for all three of us.

It's been really cold here like a lot of the country.  We have snow but thank goodness not as much as some areas!  As I'm typing this Friday morning it's 5 degree F and it's supposed to get colder next week.   I changed the bedroom sheets from flannel to fleece to help keep us warmer at night.  They sleep so well it's  like your floating on a cloud.  You know, last year it was so warm that I never changed over.

Husband fixed the furnace when it quit (we just roll with the punches around here).  We were going to call out someone but the prices were extremely high for after hours (through the roof). You could get someone during daytime hours in about 3 to 4 days.  He thought about what was causing the problem I believe all night and bought the part the next morning.   Part was about $25.00.  Saved hundreds.

What are the ways you saved this past week?


Lana said...

Yay for the new washer! I am so glad your Hubby could fix the heat.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I'm so happy for both of them ..I've started praying over all the appliances that haven't been replaced!