Friday, January 21, 2022

Frugal Friday: Things I've Used in My Pantry this Week!

I'm a little late today:   School is over for the day so I have a few moments before I collapse! I wasn't sure I really was frugal this week with getting used to Grandma's virtual school again.  It does sound like they will be returning next week. 

I used some things in my pantry though here is a list:

2 Muffin mixes

chicken noodle soup

3 cans of pinto beans

macaroni and cheese

oats (no-bake cookies and oats for breakfast)

I made my own uncrustables using this mold- One will go for it but the other grandchild says no it's not the real thing.  =Aww such is the life of a frugal grandma!  

We didn't order take out once.

I also signed up for the free covid tests this past week.  Did you?  I hope I never have to use one but you never know.

What are the ways you saved this past week?

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Lana said...

Homeschooling is a huge adjustment! I hope you can rest a bunch over the weekend. We finished up the ham bone we started on last week with a pot of soup and a bowl of ham salad made with the bits. We made a new recipe for chicken spaghetti and it made a lot so we ate it twice and froze another meal's worth. We finished up a bag of frozen tilapia and used a package of French toast casserole frozen after Christmas. We are working on using up too many potatoes bought at Christmas time. We want to Walmart for our free Red Baron pizzas and found the orange juice almost empty so we went to take a look for frozen and found that it is still the same price it has always been which was very surprising. It also made me realize that price increases may be driven more by demand that I had thought. Most do not want to get out a pitcher and mix up a can of frozen juice. We bought a case and had to be creative to get than in the freezer. We checked the clearance isle while we were there and picked up gift bags, cookie cutters and a few other Christmas leftovers for 90% off. Most are in the stocking stuffer closet for later. I hope you have a good weekend!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

There are shortages at times with our favorites but when we see it we buy a few packages. Especially with our bologna. I think we all need to look outside the box for different ways to fix things. Kind of think outside the box a little to deal with this.
What a great deal on clearance you got! Easter is coming up and if I find things I hold back for that holiday.
Have a great weekend too.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good job Grandma! I think the uncrustable looks good.
Rest up this weekend!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh man I slept 16 hours yesterday...didn't know why I was so tired. Today I was rested and it was a great Friday!
Have a great weekend Cheryl!