Thursday, March 3, 2022

Book Review: Threads of Hope Plain Patterns #3 by Leslie Gould


Threads of Hope (Plain Patterns Book #3) 

by Leslie Gould

Tally Smucker's quiet life of reading and quilting hides her sorrow over her mother's declining health and the lack of a fulfilling future for herself. When her daily life is shaken by her free-spirited neighbor Danielle--who grew up Plain but joined the Army at eighteen--Tally's instinct is to distance herself.

Yet she finds she can't turn away when Danielle's brother, Kenan, specifically asks for her help. She invites Danielle to visit Plain Patterns quilt shop with her, where the story of the plight of a WWI soldier and the girl he left behind resonates with both Tally and Danielle, but for different reasons.

When Tally's mother suffers a setback at the same time Danielle's PTSD becomes unmanageable, it seems Tally's efforts to aid them only make things worse. Can the soldier's story, along with the care of Kenan, help Tally accept the hope that waits just around the corner?

From the talented pen of Leslie Gould comes a moving tale of restoration and renewed hope within the Amish community.

My thoughts:

Leslie Gould has wrote a wonderful dual time book, Threads of Hope, that I couldn't put down.  I loved the both of the times, the present and during WW1, but truthfully my heart couldn't wait to hear more from the past. Such a beautiful story as told by Tally's aunt, Jane, when they all go to the quilting bee every week.

As the book weaves through the ages it's amazing how many things are the same as in the past.  Sometimes that can help others when they realize that these things have happened before and we made it through.  That's the hope of the people surrounding Danielle and the struggles she faces.

All of the characters have struggles in their lives and each work hard to get through them. There is grief and  heartache but in the end love surrounds them all.  

What a great read.  

This book was sent to me by the publisher.  All opinions are my own.  


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