Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Good Deals for the Beginning of the Week, A Little Bit of Sewing, and Flying by the Seat of our Pants!


I got busy and made granddaughter's doll a new dress.  I hope to do a few more before the week is out.  She has about 6 or 7 dolls here.  

Yesterday, we did one of those if we go here then we might as well go there too.  First it was to drop off a car to be fixed, then on to Meijers, then to Walgreens, and finally onto the cheap gas station. Gas was $3.84 a gallon.

We bought an apple/orange box for $5.00 and two pkgs of cheese for $1.09 each from Meijer's Flashfood.  I see a pizza in our future.

Walgreen's total came out to $4.11 which included 2 Tresemme hair sprays, nail file, two nail clippers, and a Easter container full of gum for youngest grandchild.  Oldest grandchild has braces and cannot have gum so I only bought one.  

If you would like to know how to do this, I watched One Cute Couponer and did exactly as she said.  I didn't buy everything she mentioned but things I wanted or needed.  It was all digital coupons so that's always a bonus for me.  I try to stock up at the drug stores once a week if they have a good deal with a pickup order but I took last week off.

Menu:  There is no Menu Plan this week..We are going to fly by the seat of our pants this week.  I do know I have decided today will be Pizza day. 

How's everything in your area?  

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Lana said...

That doll dress is so cute!

Gas is down to $3.61 here! Yesterday we bought ten pounds of ground chuck that was freshly ground and not in the plastic tube for 1.99 a pound! We got to work and put 4 meatloaves in the freezer along with 7 meals of meat sauce, eleven burgers and two meals of lasagna. That was a good days work!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh man, What a great deal on gas and a bigger deal on hamburger! A lot of work but you will love it! The deals are there for sure!
Have a great day Lana!

Nancy said...

Hi Vickie-Still cold & snow in Northern Wisconsin. Schools are closed today (Wednesday) because of ice. Will spring ever come? Love reading about your deals. Gas here @ $3.97.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Hi Nancy, I feel the same way about Spring (it will never come). We also had ice but the kids are on Spring Break. Not a bad price for gas. I've heard of much higher prices so we are doing good.