Friday, April 22, 2022

Frugal Friday 4/22/22

 Here are the ways I've saved this week:

The spot where the swing set used to be is empty now and it's all in a pile ready to be put out to the curb for the pickers on trash day.  Kind of sad but it was rusted all the way through.  Grandson helped a lot ..thank goodness.

Those grandchildren are gonna need some place to sit and hang upside down.  I haven't told that to the husband yet.

We sold the heater we picked from the trash.  It almost bought us a tank of gas. Almost.

We went to the dentist finally. It's been two years.  We were very cautious during those two years. Since that time we cut out a whole lot of sugar and they said that is what saved our teeth. No cavities at all for both of us.  Believe me, before this, someone was always getting a filling.

We turned off the heat yesterday and opened up the windows. I turned it back on this morning to warm up the house a bit.

I've planted seeds and put them in the greenhouses all week.  Both of the small greenhouses are filling up fast.  I transplanted some of the cabbage to bigger pots and hope to finish doing that today along with some Marigolds.

I made yogurt and made up some low carb maple syrup.

What are the ways you saved this past week?

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