Tuesday, June 14, 2022

DIY: Making over Garage Sale Finds (sewing)


We found a subdivision sale this past weekend.  With the high gas prices we love these types of sales because we can go to a lot of sales in one area and not waste a lot of gas.  

One of the sales in this subdivision was to benefit their animal rescue.   You know when you go to the sale to benefit a charity of some sort you feel the need to buy something.  I felt that in my soul but my mind wasn't finding a thing I needed.  Just when I was ready to drop a dollar or two in their donation canister  and walk off feeling little  better about myself, I found a Detroit tigers window tier for a dollar.   Grandson though didn't need curtains so I decided I could make a pillowcase for his bedroom.

Using a pillowcase I had,  I measured and the amount of material I had to work with was perfect.  I just folded the material in half and then sewed up two seams, he had a new pillow case.   He loved it!  

 At another house I found a skirt in the free pile that was ripped on the seam.  I thought it would make a great skirt for the granddaughter and it was free so it was worth the try.  It was very big for her so I try to take up the seam more but it was just too much for my skills to make it over.  Maybe a more skilled seamstress could do it but I had trouble.

So with a little hemming this morning I've decided  it will now be a doll skirt.  LOL.  I also have enough material left over to try to make a top to match.  

It was fun for a little money to make over these finds.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Nice work on repurposing the fabric! I'll bet your grandkids will love the pillow case and doll skirt.
Elaine from AZ

Lana said...

You did good! That pillowcase will be enjoyed for a long time!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Elaine, Yes he loves the pillowcase and I'm working right now on hemming the skirt. It was fun figuring out what to do with the material!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Lana, I hope it uses it for a good long time!
Have a great day!