Saturday, October 15, 2022

Frugal Friday (Saturday) 10/15/22


Fall is speeding by fast here in Michigan and I decided I better get going and clean the garden.  When the sun came out, I took down twelve teepees yesterday.  Recent rains and frosts have made it easier to get these out of the ground and get the vines untangled.  I hope to get the tomato cages out of the garden today.

The chickens loved this part and stayed busy getting what they wanted to eat.

I also harvested half of the zinnia flower seeds and hope to finish that today too.

My biggest saving this week is from my daughter who gave me an extra Hello Fresh box they accidentally sent her.  So far I have fixed steak, shredded pork,  and for the rest of the week there is a pizza crust, and shrimp. There was something else we fixed but my mind is gone and I can't remember!  

I ordered fresh chicken 1/2 price from the Flashfood app.  If you use my unique code and make your first purchase over $10 we both will get $8 in rewards, use code VICK36PZH.

We bought 3-3 lb bags of golden delicious apples for $1.00 each at Rural King.  I hope to make some apple jam today.

While we were up north we had problems with the car.  Can you imagine out in the middle of no where, miles from home,  and needing a tow truck?  We were out in the boondocks for sure.  The cost...oh the cost.  It was sounding like the ABS so husband disabled it at the apple orchard and we went on our way with out a problem.  So glad we could wait till we got it home to be fixed.  

How did you do saving money this past week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

How very nice you got that box of food. Sounds like a lot of good stuff. Wow, what a deal on apples - that is a crazy price.
My ABS has been disconnected for many years and the vehicle drives fine! Glad you didn't need a tow.
It is that time of the year to put all those gardens to bed! Bet the chicks enjoyed!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I'll tell husband about your ABS. He will love that!
Monday and Tuesday, they said this morning, it will be snowing. First snow. I don't think it will be a big one but I will be working hard this afternoon in the garden. Got to get it done!