Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Week of Half Done's and the Weird but Sometimes Beautiful Weather!

It's been weird weather this October, one minute we are snowing like it's the beginning of January, and the next we are having Spring like weather.  Last night for Halloween it was raining and foggy.  We got a total of seven trick or treaters.  I'm glad we got some because  trick or treaters make me happy!  

My roses are still blooming. 

My Geraniums are still blooming too. 

Then it looks like Fall in the front yard.  Weird but beautiful weather!  

It was the week of getting everying half-done.  I'm half-done with all of it!  No matter how hard I tried to get something done I couldn't finish. So this week nothing is added to the list, I'm just going to finish the half-dones and oh yeah, the didn't even start ones!  

Outdoor Work

Clean inside of car and truck.  Probably need to give the outside a wash too to get the cat paw prints off it. half done

Move all the lawn furniture aside so we can shovel and snowblow without a problem. 

Indoor Work

Organize the baking pans.

Clean carpets ---half done

Crafts and Fun times

Work to Finish a quilt- this is reserved for rainy, too cold to work outside days, or the I refuse to do any more hard work outside days.

I'm always reading!

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Lana said...

We haven't had any trick or treaters for years here. It's sad. But, we do have weird weather. One day next week it is supposed to be 80 degrees! I never know what to wear without looking at the weather app.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I think trick or treating is losing out to schools and trunk or treating. Which is ok but I still like the old ways.
Oh man 80 degrees Lana! Beautiful weather for sure.