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Book Review: This Passing Hour by Leslie Gould


This Passing Hour (Amish Memories Book #2): (A Dual-Time Amish Christian Fiction Book Set in WWII and Present-Day Lancaster County) 

                                by Leslie Gould

After the death of her parents, Mennonite Brenna Zimmerman relocates to the Lancaster County farm of her Old Order Amish grandparents. There, she befriends Rylan Sanders, a disabled veteran, and commits to rising above her own grief to help him as much as she can. But when things take a turn for the worse, Brenna finds herself at a loss for what to do.

As Brenna struggles, her Mennonite friend Johann Mazur, a soldier in the Ukrainian Army, encourages her to distance herself from Rylan. But when she discovers that Rylan's army buddies are withholding secrets that could help with his psychological healing, Brenna is torn between her feelings for Johann and her commitment to help Rylan.

Inspired by the story of her distant relative who served with the Red Cross and supervised German POWs during World War II, Brenna considers her own future and must decide whether she has the courage to give up the comforts she craves for the life she truly wants.

My Review:

Book 2 of Amish Memories, This Passing Hour by Leslie Gould is a dual time story, with the past stories told by Aunt Rosene. It certainly kept me turning the pages as I traveled through time.  Things were explained well from book 1 so you can read book 2 as a stand alone if you want. 

I leaned towards loving the present day in this story and wanting to know more.  It had more of a mystery to me and I wanted to know how it would be solved.  Not that the past wasn't interesting, believe me it was. 

My favorite character in this story is Brenna.  I'm not sure if someone threatens my family if I could be as nice and as caring.  She struggles with her own grieve still hanging over her, but is willing to try to help and understand others (to a point).  

What I love about Leslie Gould's writing is that in the midst of reading something that graps my imagination, I learn something new about the past. Things I didn't know happened and things we can all learn from. 

This book was sent to me by the publisher.  All opinions are my own. 
My review of book #1 is here.

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Belinda said...

Sounds very interesting, Vickie. I like that it stands alone without having to read the first book.