Saturday, May 18, 2024

My Frugal Ways: A Plant Swap and some great Books 5/18/24

 I've been busy gardening and chicken keeping everyday but today I was glad for an early morning outing.

I was excited to go to the plant swap at the library.  I was able to pick up more strawberry plants,  a red raspberry plant, dill, and a spider plant with a pot.  

Although you didn't need to bring anything, I brought two cabbage plants, two thyme, and two marigolds that I had extra.

Then I went to the book sale they were also holding.  I was able to buy  5 books for $1.00.  You can't beat that!  

We have went to a lot of garage sales too this week.  Spring is so fun!  

P.S. I don't remember eating red raspberries but husband says he doesn't like them.  Should I plant it anyway?

How is it been going at your house?

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Kathy said...

That plant swap sounds fun! I wish we had something like that around here. I think you should plant the red raspberry to see if you like them. I love red raspberries or most any kind of berry. We also forage for wine berries, and I think they make the best jelly.
Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Plant the raspberry bush. If you dont care for the berries your songbirds will. Red raspberry leaf tea is delicious

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Listening to you both, I believe I will plant the red raspberry bush...I want the tea!
This is first plant swap I've been too and people were excited. I want more!
Kathy wine berry sounds great and so does the jelly.
Have a great week both of you!

Belinda said...

Oh, wow...5 book for $1.00 is a steal! I love it! Andhow fun to swap plants with others at the library. Sounds like a good time to me.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Belinda, The library will not hold another sale till I think I got a great deal because of fun too!
Have a good week