Monday, January 19, 2015

Goals for this Week 1/19/15

I have been trying to learn a new skill in  the kitchen every week to help save money during our No Spend January.   Not sure making butter out of whipping cream is a cost saving tip though unless you have a cheap supply of Whipping cream We did have some whipping cream leftover over after making a recipe and I didn't want it to go to waste so I looked up how to do this.  So easy I can't believe I've never tried this before!

I started out shaking the whipping cream in and thought what a exercise for my arms.   After many minutes (seemed like hours), I didn't see anything really happening,  Rather than have my arms fall off  I switched to my mixer and it was done in no time!   It made about one stick of butter.

You never know till you try, so learning a new skill in the kitchen or elsewhere is one of my goals for this week.

Here is what I accomplished last week:

write a book review.
Earn at least 50 Swagbucks a day.  (many times I earn more).  You can read how I make 50 or more Swagbucks a day here.  (this has been a little hard for me the past week as I've not had as many surveys available-same is true this week but I've been watching their videos and playing games to help take up the slack)  lately is more like 30 swagbucks
Exercise at least 3 times or more times this week (I'm almost ready to give up on myself!)
Finish the baby blanket...I got my daughters finished  but I need to make more for baby showers that are coming up.
Done!  Make red hats for the  Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign.  I have made two three! so far -they are pretty easy would love to make around 6 to send in January.  (I want to have 6 done in the next two weeks) This is on top of the list I need to get this done -slower week it shouldn't be a problem. (I probably should not have wrote that!) 
Hem my new jeans.
Clean the China cabinet inside and out.

Office Work

Read a new book and write a book review.  (I have read up to two new books every week -I don't always review them though.  It will slow down in the summer)

Keep finding ways to improve blog.  

Personal Goals

Learn a new skill - so far I've made tortillas and butter.

Earn at least 30 Swagbucks a day.  I have only been able to make 30 swagbucks a day or less for the past month.   No surveys are available but I still watch videos, polls, searches, noso, etc.  Still a great way to earn gift cards but I have been spending less time on Swagbucks each day.  It may pick up again soon.

Things I love to do:

Finish the baby blanket...I got my daughters finished  but I need to make more for baby showers that are coming up.

Start making little presents I have pinned on pinterest for Christmas.


Hem my new jeans

Cleaning the home (spring cleaning)

Living room:

Clean out T.V. cabinet


Organize and clean the spice cabinet

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