Saturday, January 17, 2015

Menu Plan for this Week 1/17/15

Menu Plan for this Week 1/17/15

When I made the trek out to the freezer this morning (our freezer is in the garage) I found that we had 3 whole chickens left!  That's always a great easy meal and it kind of changes the menu game plan. We will have leftovers the next day and I'm planning for fajitas.  Made with homemade tortillas and garden peppers that we froze last summer.   They will be so good!

Things are going to start to get busy around here soon and I've started making things ahead of time to help me with our time schedule.  So far this week I've made: Biscuits, Waffles, and a Turkey Casserole (made with leftover turkey).

Sunday            Homemade Biscuits filled with Ham and cheese, fried potatoes, Country Fried Apples (made with apples I canned this past fall- we are leaving the fresh apples we bought from Aldi's for .99 for three pounds, to eat)

Monday           Baked Chicken in the Crock pot

Tuesday          Chicken Fajitas

Wednesday      Leftover Day

Thursday         Chili (frozen from the last dinner)

Friday             BBQ chicken made in George foreman grill (never got to it last week)

Saturday         Liver and Onions

What are you having for dinner next week?

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