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My Frugal List and 3rd Shopping Trip of No Spend January

No Spend January

My frugal list:

I was up early by myself one morning and made french toast.   Instead of throwing away the egg mixture I made up more french toast and then froze it for later use.

Downloaded a $2.00 digital coupon for dollar general.

I realized we would not be using all the whipping cream I bought so I made butter with it.   First time I've tried this and it worked great.   I just used my mixer.

I repaired my hanging basket fruit holder with a twist tie and it's still holding up.

Made sure I answered the survey for more Kroger fuel points

Decided to eat leftovers instead of Mcdonalds.   

I called At&T because I had a late fee charged on my bill for the internet.   Yes I admit I was late but it was because I threw away the envelope that the bill came in and I didn't have the address to send it in.  So I called to get the address and she required my pin # . Well I didn't know the pin and she said she could not help me.  I understood but I was stubborn and decided to just wait for this month's bill.   Called this morning and they took $9.00 late fee off without a problem (I also remembered my pin!). Great customer service.

Made up a frozen dinner for next week, made biscuits and froze some, and made waffles.

We decided our budget for each week of January will be $30.00 for groceries. Here is what we spent on groceries this week (there are three adults that live here)

Let me say this we went shopping!


2 Tide Detergent             $4.99 each (two coupons for $2.00 off- one digital and one paper) (mega savings $1.00-kroger savings .50)
Cascade                           $3.99  (digital coupon $1.00) (mega savings $1.00 kroger savings .40)
2 Post Raisin Bran          $2.99  (digital coupon $1.00) (mega savings $1.00 kroger savings .20)
Sour Cream                     $1.25 (marked down)
2 K. Whipping Cream     $0.96 (marked down)
4 K. Whole Milk             $1.99 a gallon

both of these items are not shown because I gave to my daughter
K. Fruit Snacks              $1.00
2 M&M's                        $1.00

Bottle Returns                $4.90
Total                              $17.84 Plus a coupon for a free gallon of milk (for buying the Raisin Bran).


Bath Tissue B1/G1 Free         $4.49
Almond Milk                          $2.99
Total                                     $7.48

Dollar General

Flour                $1.75
Circus Peanut  $1.00

$2.00 digital Coupon

Total   .75

Aunt Millies Bread store

Potato chips     $2.50
Bread              $0.75
Sub buns          $0.75
Total               $4.04

Everything was going good until we went to Denny's and stocked up a little

Snackwell cookies            $1.00
4 coconut slice candy       $2.00 (.50 a piece)
Tomatoes                              .41
3 dozen eggs                     $3.75 (1.25 a piece)
Chuck Eye steak                $2.72
Chuck Eye steak                $3.04
3 lb yellow onions             $1.29
Deli lunch meat                $13.75 (close to date -we froze it)

Total                                  $27.96

I can't forget the trip my husband made to get toilet paper  total came to $16.72  ...we will just count the toilet paper the rest had to be his spending money!   He was very happy when he came home with his snack purchases!

Toilet paper      $5.00

Grand Total for this week:  $62.71
Total budgeted                    $30.00
Over budget                        $32.71
Piggy Bank money               $15.00
Total over budget               $17.71

I decided so we could have a little grocery money next week to rob the piggy bank and came up with $15.00.  Yeah!  We can do this ..but maybe I should get the groceries alone because the piggy bank is empty!

What have you done frugally this week? 

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