Friday, March 10, 2017

Gardening Tidbits

"Flowers Always Make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the dirt."  -Luther Burbank

Every Thursday I've been going to a Master Gardening Course and I have learned a lot.  My head is filled with bugs, roots, weeds, and pest control for four hours. Okay, we get breaks.  They are wonderful breaks that have tables filled with wonderful food for us to enjoy.  Just wonderful.  Back to gardening.  

Along the way I've wrote down some tidbits that I want to share with you.  Maybe you already knew some of these but maybe you'll find one that you haven't heard.  


  • We spend more time weeding than any other activity except rearing children.  
  • Don't dig with a hoe to get rid of the weeds.  Digging will just help spread the weeds further. Scrape the ground to get rid of the weed. Let me tell you I've been doing this wrong.  All wrong.
  • Use mulch to help control the weeds.   If you are going to use newspaper for mulch, top with straw to help weigh it down. **On this note:  Straw is made up of stems - Hay is made up of seeds,   You will want straw.  

Watering your garden:

  • Your garden needs 1 inch of water a week to help it grow.   If you get an inch of rain in a week, your good.   How do you know that you have an inch when you water?  You can use a tuna can to measure. Place the empty tuna can in the garden and when the tuna can is full you have watered enough.  You don't need a inch all at once.  You can break this up. He did mention some sort of math equation -I'm just going to use the can.
  • No matter how much you water if it's too hot some plants will probably stop producing.  This makes me feel much better about my tomato plants last year.  
  • Watering first thing in the morning is best.   
  • Using a mulch also helps to conserve moisture in your garden.

I'm finding out real quick that I'm definitely not an expert in any way at gardening.  It's great though to be around fellow gardeners and learn new ideas.

We are about halfway through with this class.   As we go along I hope to give you more great gardening tidbits.  That way you will get as excited for the gardening season as I am!   

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