Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Half Way Through No/Low Spend January 1/15/19: What's been Hiding in my Pantry, Freezer, and Closet plus What's been on the Table!

In an ideal world you should go through your cupboards and freezer before you attempt a no/low spend January.   Our home is not an perfect world though.  December got busy with Christmas, New Years, and birthdays, that I forgot about during an inventory and just decided at the last minute to plow through.  Our pantry is always stocked pretty well though so I knew we could make it through the month with spending very little on groceries.  On the other hand there is always a few things that I miss or forget and most of the time they are pretty important to us. 

This week we decided not to go to the grocery store because we overspent last week (I'll post that total Saturday) so if something is low I'm not buying it.  I'm not even looking at an ad or a blog that tells me how good the deals are.  Yep, I'll miss any deals out there and you know what?  We will be okay.  That's the way I'm going to save and we have enough in our pantry to make it till next week especially after I've been organizing and cleaning a bit.  

We have an thing about cloth napkins.   Well husband does, so I do too.  I can tell he doesn't want to use one and would rather have paper any day. I know that may seem funny to some people but it's the way we've been all these years.  So I buy paper napkins and put it my budget.  No problem.  This past summer I even ran into a lady selling a lot of paper napkins at a garage sale that she had used for a party for a great price.  Now we don't care that they are small. too big,  or have peppa pig on them we just use them.  I mean really who cares.  

Then this week I realized we were on the last of those bargain napkins.  You know, it's the one thing I don't want to spend my budget for groceries on this month.  I mean they go so fast because we use them for everything, our mouths, spills, and other gross things I won't mention.   So I was glad this week to clean out one of the cupboards and find two half rolls of paper towels and a bag of large paper napkins!  It felt good to kind of get started spring cleaning too.

Somehow we've run low on butter. We were down to the last few sticks when we decided not to grocery shop this week.   I was going through the freezer deciding what to make for dinner and there it was in the back, a whole pound of butter!  It was definitely a nice surprise.  

What's been on the dinner table? 


Well Sunday had me looking for a place for my books after organizing the sewing room.  I decided the best place was the guest room closet and that's when I found the Wii console and a few games. It has just been laying there collecting dust for the last 3 or 4 years.  I put it up on a Facebook group and sold it within in an hour.   We then decided to go to the new KFC by us and treat everyone (six of us) to a Sunday dinner of fried chicken.  The grand kids just loved it.  


We had leftover chicken yesterday with a side of my canned  green beans, and a baked sweet potato.   Funny thing the grand children loved the sides on Sunday the best (mashed potatoes and gravy and mac and cheese).


Soup beans are in the crockpot and cooked turkey (from the freezer) is thawing out.  I'm trying to think right now of another low carb side.  


Turkey noodle Soup (with zucchini noodles)  

What's on your dinner table?

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