Saturday, January 12, 2019

No/Low Spend January 12 -Grocery Shopping Total , Spending Money, and What's Been on the Dinner Table!

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Part of our No/Low Spend January challenge has been to cut our grocery bill down to $50 a week.  This week we did manage to do it again.   I will tell you a little secret though we've also grocery shopped for next week ha ha!  Our plan is to not even enter a grocery store at all next week and I'll tell you that total then.

Dollar General:

I watched one cute couponer on youtube again and went to the store Saturday night.  Good deals!  

2 boxes of Kleenex  $1.00 each -digital coupon for $2.00 (I ended up making money because both of the boxes were damaged she gave me these 1/2 off)
1 box of honey buns $1.50
6 vienna sausage .50 each
2 Hershey's gold candy bars .85 (-digital coupon for b1/g1 free)
2 packages of Trident gum  $1.10 each (-digital coupon for b1/g1 free)
1 gallon of milk $2.00 
1 swiffer wet pads   $4.50 (-digital coupon for $1.00)
2 pork rinds $1.00 each
2 boxes of Fruit by the Foot $2.25 (-digital coupon for .50)
1 comfort 3 razors $3.50  (-3.00 digital coupon)
-$5.00 off $25.00
plus .52 tax
Total $13.47  


5 packages of tuna $1.00 (buy 5 get $5.00 off deal)
Can of 1850 Coffee (Free Friday Download)
Tangerines   out of the .99 marked down produce (best we've had)

Total  $5.94

Walmart #1 (this is what happens when I lose husband)

2 carb smart bars $3.18  (he also bought one)
Already baked chicken $3.59 (day old-I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer for a lazy day)
Saltine .77
2 packages of LED bulb $1.88 each
Pizza lip gloss .25 (saving for Easter baskets)
Avocado lip gloss .25 (saving for Easter baskets)
Finger paint for bathtub .25 (saving for Easter baskets)
Bananas .86
Ritz crackers  $1.00 (this is estimate because he can't remember) 
Tax .27
Total  $17.36

Walmart #2

Bread $2.37
Cracklins $2.98 
2 gallons of milk $1.69 each
2 half and half's   $1.74 each
Total $10.47

Grand Total $48.18

What was on the breakfast and dinner table.   Going backwards so here is Today's breakfast:
Cinnamon rolls made with fathead dough!  Yum


Pizza made with fathead dough (I'm going a little wild today with fathead dough)


Ham slices and eggs

Homemade Big Mac Hamburgers




Dinner:  (cheat dinner)
Burger King -had coupons and a $5 swagbucks card.  Only spent $5.00 on two Big Mac meals with cheese and onion rings (husband paid).

You can see my previous menu for the week here.  

How I spent my $20 this week:

I bought a mandolin a book and a tea when we went to the music store-$16.00 

Took grandkids for donuts and a chocolate milk on their school half day $7.00 (I borrowed some from the husband-not sure why but he seems to hold on to his money better than I do).

How's your grocery shopping been this week?

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