Sunday, March 24, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 3/24/19!

It was a little rough going this past week in our household so I don't have too many frugal accomplishments.  We all know how that is -we just try to do the best we can.  I might have done more but I didn't have much time to remember to write them down.  Thankfully I do have some pictures that helped to spark my memory: 

I made orange vinegar cleaning spray from all the orange peels we had saved this winter.   I love the great smell when I spray this on my counter tops.  I used my daughters empty bubble bath bottle to store it in.  

I have been working on the antique sewing machine you see in the background every day I can.  So far we have cleaned, replaced the belt and the needle, and I have learned how to thread it.  The tension is off though so I've been researching on you tube how to improve that.  Just wish sometimes I had my grandma around.  She would probably say, oh really that's no problem and show me how it's done.    

I diluted my dish washing soap. It was a big bottle so I will be able to get three bottles of dish detergent for the price of one.  If you decide to give this a try just kind of adjust the water added for the strength you can live with.  

We remembered our rain check for the $1.99 hamburger at Meijer and bought 12 pounds this past week.  Quite a bit of savings.

My goals:

I'll be watching the grandchildren for spring break this week.   I hope to find something fun for them to do everyday that doesn't break the bank.  I have one thing in my favor, the weather is a lot better.   I let you know how it all goes!  

What are the ways you saved this past week to help you reach your financial goals?  

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good morning. We all have those kind of weeks!
I like the smell of the orange spray as well - so fresh and clean.
Have a great time with the littles and have fun!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

That orange spray is the best! Have a great week!

Lana said...

I hope you have a better week this week. Enjoy those Grands!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Lana, the grandkids are always a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie and I totally relate to some weeks being harder to get things accomplished :) . You still did get a lot done and restocked your freezer with bargain meats and made some lovely citrus vinegar which is also one of our favourite cleaning products.

Last week we also found some bargain priced meats to stock our freezer with too :) .

We had 30mm more rain which we think filled the water tanks almost to full which we are immensely happy about. Now it is just humid and dry again though but the rain softened the ground for us to get 7 more posts down from the grapeyard vineyard enclosure with ease with shovelling most of the soil rather than using a post hole crowbar :). We are making a start on our vegetable garden beds having purchased some more needed items and only some manure and a small amount of fittings and a tap we will need to purchase.

Our savings added up to $581.24 last week :) .

Earnings -

- Made $27 from the sale of 2 lace curtains on eBay I took down after replacing them with handmade ones.

Purchases -

- Purchased a 75cc petrol post hole auger to dig the post holes for the garden enclosure and 6 x 2.4 x.9 above ground metal garden beds using discount vouchers and codes saving $368.31 over buying them in our local hardware store.
- Found and purchased 2 x 3kg bags of valencia oranges on special in Woolworths saving $5 on usual prices. We juiced them for some lovely fresh orange juice.
- From a small country discount variety store we purchased an 8 pack of permanent markers, 2 x rolls of packaging tape, 8 dining room chair pads and 3 hats for DH saving $49.04 over buying in other stores.
- Found on special in a small country supermarket 2.5 kg of rindless short cut bacon (usually $17 kg here) and 4.34kg of beef rump steak (usually $23 kg here) on special for $8 a kg saving $87.60 over buying it in the larger local supermarkets.
- Purchased 4 x 790g packets of party sausage rolls on half price special saving $14 on usual prices.

In the kitchen -

- Made a quadruple batch of magic mix chocolate pudding saving $12.67 over buying it ready-made in the shops.
- Made a single batch of chocolate chip and coconut biscuits saving $7.01 over purchasing them ready-made in the supermarket.
- Made a whole orange cake with citrus juice icing and sprinkled with orange zest saving $24.52 over purchasing it.
- Made 3 loaves of homemade bread and 2 batches of MOO yoghurt saving $16.09 over purchasing them.

In the gardens -

- Pulled down 7 more posts in the grape vineyard enclosure when the weather was cooler. 8 more to go till we finish :).

Water Preservation -

- Saved shower warm up water to water potted fruit and herb potted plants with.
- Saved grey water from our washing machine to water potted ornamental flowers and used grey water from both ours and the neighbours grey water tanks to water fruit, berry, native trees and shrubs in the yard.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :) .

sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Jenny said...

I feel like I'm coming back from the twilight zone....I've been sick for over a week. First with a sinus infection that totally knocked me out. Five days into it I woke about midnight throwing up....the stomach virus. So we have saved money because I didn't eat anything!

My family scrambled around figuring out child care for my grandson. My husband ended up taking three days off work to watch him. I honestly think though that God allowed me to be super sick just to see how hard it is for everyone to cover my job. Because my son told me they've decided to put the baby in daycare two days a week now. So, I'll get him Tues, Thurs & Frid. I am missing him terribly but I do think our lives will run a lot more smoothly with a few more free days for me.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Jenny, so sorry you have been sick. I like the thoughts of two days in daycare for your grandson. It will help you immensely because that is what happened for us too. You got him past his little stage so I think he will be fine. They get to play with other children and have fun when they see grandma. It's hard at first but we ended up with time to get things done. Rest up and have fun with your grandson.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Sounds like you had a great week Lorna! I love to hear about the rain you've been getting! It has helped you a lot.
It's great your finding the small country markets. They are hidden gems sometimes and there is always something on sale or something that you don't see elsewhere. Have a great week too!