Saturday, April 13, 2019

This Week's Grocery Shopping Deal 4/13/19!

Our grocery shopping deal this week was at our Aldi's.  They had a sale on butter for $1.99 with a limit of six. I was able to pick up 6 more when I happened to go in the store later in the week so I bought a total of 12.  All of them are in the freezer and I'll  grab one out to thaw as I need it.  

Did you have a grocery shopping deal this past week?   Did you stay within your budget?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Got my butter fix too! Such a great deal.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I was so glad to find that deal and I'm glad you got yours too Cheryl!

Lana said...

We also got butter. And 4 jars of Jif peanut butter for 40 cents a jar minus our 5% senior discount. Just adding to the chicken breast collection with 18 pounds of chicken breasts for 78 cents a pound. We were getting low on them actually. I do need boneless skinless now. I still have $50 of my March grocery money and have not touched my April money yet.

Unknown said...

Vickie always good when you can pick up butter on sale and that is certainly the time to stock up :) .

It was top up the whole house groceries as we hadn't gone shopping for staples and a few other things for 3 months. We do bulk orders for our herbs, spices, nuts and some staples from a restaurant supply internet shop once every 6 - 12 months which is so much cheaper than buying them in the supermarkets in the smaller quantities.

We got on special -

- 6 kiwi fruit reduced by $2 in price.
- 300g of fresh mushrooms reduced by $2 in price.
- 2 x avocadoes reduced by $4.02 in price.
- 2 x 4lt ice cream reduced by $5.50 total in price.
- 24 tins of each cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup discounted by $17.04 in price.
- 4 packets of nice biscuits reduced by 0.80c total.
- 5 kg of citric acid for cleaning saving $133 odd or a fifth of the price of buying smaller containers in the supermarkets. We split the cost of this with a local business who uses it for their cleaning too and they take around a third of this at the price we pay for it.
- 2 kg of walnuts saving $10 on buying them in the supermarkets.
- 2 kg of cashew nuts saving $20 on buying them in the supermarkets.
- 5kg of cocoa powder saving $7 on usual prices.
- 4kg of desiccated coconut saving $1.80 on usual prices.
- 1kg of mild curry powder saving $25 on supermarket prices.
- By using our roadside assist 5% off gift cards we also got $15 worth of free groceries and $5 in free fuel too.

We should now be stocked for a while in our home :). With moving we kind of lost track of everything we had in stock here and what we were low on too.

Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Wow that peanut butter price is such a great price! Great time to stock up for sure, Lana. Then I read on and the chicken breast price can't be beat. Hope both those deals come my way! Have a great night!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You really stocked up Lorna with some great prices too. Those roadside gift cards with rewards like that are great to have. Moving and getting settled takes time. It seems like it took a year here to have everything in place so you are doing well. Have a great week.

Lana said...

We also got spiral hams at Aldi for .95 a pound. Did you have that sale? Public had turkey breasts for 1.29 a pound and I had a $5 digital coupon so it was only 4.55. Our freezer is groaning. Hubby says no more! It won't fit!