Monday, May 20, 2019

My Menu Plan for this Week 5/20/19!

After watching the weather this morning we have grilling plans for the weekend!  Right now it's a good 50 degrees but by Friday they are forecasting summer weather with a high in the 80's.  Yeah!  What a good weekend that we have promised.  Today though we will have that turkey noodle soup that I never made yet.   We just need a little warm up.  

Hamburger is on sale at Meijer so we will be stocking up.  I have plans to make up some coney island hot dog sauce for the freezer.  It will be great this summer to grap some that's already made.  

Monday                  Turkey noodle soup

Tuesday                   BLT's

Wednesday              Lasagna

Thursday                 Leftovers

Friday                      Grilled Hamburgers

Saturday                  Grilled Hotdogs/with coney island chili sauce

Sunday                     Grilled Steaks!  

Sides for this week: Baked beans, salad, green beans, and baked potatoes for steak.

What's on your menu this week?

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  1. We have done pretty well with meals last week without the menu plan. I am sure what we have eaten was mostly not what I planned. I looked at what we have left and made menus for this week.

    Garlic bread

    Blackeyed peas
    Yellow squash

    Grilled marinated chicken tenders
    Baked potato

    Macaroni and cheese
    Green beans
    Sliced cucumbers and baby carrots

    Pizza from out
    Baby carrots

    HB gravy and mashed potatoes
    Green beans or yellow squash

    HB steaks
    Corn on the cob
    LO baked beans
    Garlic bread
    Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers

  2. Your menu sounds so good and made me realize I forgot the sides! Delicious!

  3. Your meal plans always look so good. Have a blessed week. :-)


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