Monday, August 12, 2019

My Menu Plan for This Week 8/12/19!

A Way to a Man's Heart is to make some Chicken and Dumplings!

We stopped by a roadside vegetable stand yesterday and bought green beans.  I think he (the husband) has been dreaming about green beans.   He needs them now and he is tired of waiting on that garden of ours!  I told him, as we slipped our money in their box, that I'm also making chicken and dumplings.   Oh, he stopped in his tracks and said, "chicken and dumplings are the best thing with green beans."

Yep, today I will capture his heart once again!  

Here is what I plan to have on the dinner table this week:

Monday             Chicken and Dumplings and green beans

Tuesday             Hamburger Steak, and green beans (hamburger is on sale at Meijer)

Wednesday        Dentist today again- it's only a cleaning but I will be traumatized and will need to get something out for dinner.  

Thursday           Meatloaf  and a salad

Friday               Spaghetti  (I think one of the spaghetti squashes will be ready)

Saturday           Smoked sausage with sauerkraut and fried cornbread

Sunday              Grilled Rosemary Pork Chops and baked sweet potatoes

What do you have planned for the dinner table this week? 

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Lana said...

I sympathize with you about the dentist. I have a root canal tomorrow and that is all I can think about til it is over and healed. This has been three weeks of pain so far and eating soft food. I few days ago I told my husband that I just want some thing to chew like popcorn but that would have killed me. Good luck!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh no so sorry about your pain Lana! The dentist is a hard thing to think about. It will be so good to eat some food finally I bet.
Last week I had a crown put on a broken tooth...I was glad it was over but now that cleaning I have to do. I'll be glad when I'm done for awhile.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Oh my goodness - each of those meals sound delish.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks far so good!