Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frugal list for the week 8/31/14

We have been watching what we spend more lately -the bills have been rising and the check has been staying the same!   So in an effort to save money my husband and I have been watching the little things.   Here is a list of our frugal efforts this week!

We used a deal for eating out that we bought from our local Seize the Deal.  We listen to the program on the radio and they tell of deals from local businesses.  You can buy certificates that are worth for example $10.00 for $6.00

We used two more certificates for a great meat place.   We were able to stock our freezer full of great quality meat for a great price.

The meat store is kind of a long trip so we plan accordingly and make sure we have several places with good deals to go in the surrounding area.  They have an Habitat for Humanity there so we stopped in and they were giving away free bread -take all you want.   We stocked up on whole wheat bread for my husband and some hot dog and hamburger buns.  We keep extra bread and buns in the freezer.  Unfortunately we didn't find any thing else but still worth going to for the bread.

We found a couple garage sales on our trip there and I found some half bushel baskets for 50 cents a piece.   I have seen these at our local farm store for $5.00 or more a piece.  I have already put them to use picking tomatoes.

I canned a total of 17 jars of tomatoes this week  and dried some more green beans.   So glad to see a different color!

Made liquid hand soap from leftover slivers of soap.   I made it too thick and then added more water -of course now it's too thin.   We will just use it anyway.   Hopefully next time I'm able to get it just right. 

I ordered a coupon from My Coke Rewards for a Free carton of water.

We used our fuel rewards from our Kroger and saved .30 cents a gallon.   Until Tuesday you can buy gift cards (except Kroger's) and earn 4x the fuel rewards. I bought some gift cards for my grandson's birthday.  I'm going back bright and early Tuesday to buy fast food ones -they are great for Christmas gifts and car trips.  Gift cards with benefits!

 On my receipt was a survey online.  I took it and received 50 more fuel points.

I've turned off my computer at night at least 5 or 6 times this week.  For some reason this is a habit that is hard for me to grasp.   Maybe I'm too tired to think at night.  

I've made my Menu for the rest of the week.  I'm not sure about the savings yet on my food bill. My hope is to keep better track of that this month.

Keeping a menu though has an added benefit.  It has started to relieve my work load a little.   I spend a little time on Saturday morning looking in the freezer and getting ideas.   It might take all of 30 minutes and it's so worth it.   Should have started this before instead of flying by the seat of my pants for so many years!

What have you done to save money this week?

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