Monday, September 29, 2014

Momma's Gone

My Momma passed away a couple of weeks ago.   I miss her ....I miss talking to her about the normal stuff, the weather,  the garden, and just anything that would pop into our heads.

I knew not to call her between 7 and 8 because Two and Half Men Reruns were on and she wouldn't answer the phone.   She wouldn't watch the new ones because Charlie wasn't in them.   He made the show, she said.   So at 8 the other night I picked up the phone.....she's gone.

I miss going to check on her and sitting around the table.  That table was where you gathered in our family. I always got her a senior Mcdonald's coffee on the way. Every time she would say how wonderful it was and  how glad she didn't have to make it..

We would plan her garden....right now I would be planting her lots of tulips.   Come Spring she would talk about them every day.   We loved to garden and talk about what flowers to plant the next year..  When she got too old to work in hers I did it for her.  So glad I took the time.    

She was a beautiful 82.   Not one wrinkle, not one.  I miss you Momma.

It's been a year full of grieve for me after losing many loved ones.   I have found out about the good days and the bad and how that you could have both in one day.  That roller coaster rides fast sometimes.  But life does go on...

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