Saturday, December 27, 2014

Menu Plan for This Week 12/28

Menu plan picture

We have had wonderful weather these past few weeks but I've heard we are in for a cool  cold spell.   With that great news,  I've put Chili on our menu!   It's a great dinner to warm us up.

My birthday is coming up this week..  This year, Ill especially miss my Mom.. every year she called and sang Happy Birthday to me without fail.     I always treasure that.

Sunday          Meatloaf with leftover Potatoes, and corn

Monday         Salmon Patties

Tuesday         Eating out at Burger King with Swagbuck's gift card again!

Wednesday    Leftovers

Thursday       Steaks (we got a great deal a few months back and saved them for New Year's)

Friday           Goulash

Saturday       Chili

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