Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Frugal List For this Week 12/27/14

Squirrel eating all the bird suet

I made bird suet (recipe soon) and it seems to be a great way to save money feeding the birds... and those squirrels!

After I looked mean at the squirrel and scared it away, this little bird finally got a chance to try the new suet.

Added a little more water to the dish detergent to make it last longer.

Picture of a Christmas card that I reused

I reused as many Christmas Cards as I could.   You can read my 4 ways to Reuse Christmas Cards here. 

Used the toaster oven twice instead heating up the big oven.

Made turkey dressing with saved cornbread in the freezer.

Too tired from getting ready for Christmas dinner, we decided on Wednesday to eat out.   I used two $5.00 gift cards I earned on Swagbucks plus we had coupons from the mail.   The total was $9.10 for two whoppers w/cheese, 2 med. fries, and two Jr. whoppers.   We have .85 left over on one card!

On Friday I decided to order another Burger King e-gift card from Swagbucks!

Ordered a $3.00 off twelve pack of coke from My coke Rewards (points earned when I signed up for a program from Southwest Airlines).

What is on your frugal list for this week?

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