Saturday, February 14, 2015

Menu Plan for 2/15/15

I'm making a romantic breakfast in the oven as I'm typing this.   New recipe and I hope it turns out.   Smelling good except for the apples that are now burning on the bottom of the oven.   Oh have mercy!    Any ways.. I suggest not making a new recipe on Valentine's day.  It can make one very nervous!

I just had to turn on the exhaust fan....   It's done and looks delicious.   I wonder if he will notice a smoke filled kitchen.   Well without further ado on to our breakfast!

Update:  Valentines Day breakfast... yes he said he did notice the smoke  (we live in a small house) and it turned out delicious!   I know that for a fact because he ate it all!

Now on to the menu for next week!

Sunday         Spaghetti and garlic rolls

Monday        Baked Chicken

Tuesday       Chicken fajitas

Wednesday   Leftover Day   

Thursday      Bean Burritos (with leftover frozen pinto beans)

Friday          Chili
Saturday      Fish and Chips

What's on your menu?

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