Sunday, February 15, 2015

My frugal ways this week 2/15/15

We went sledding last week.   It just before this big freeze we are having right now.  Warm enough to sled but not warm enough to melt the snow.   I noticed the small sled we have for our grandson was broken in a spot so I used some heavy duty tape my husband had in the garage to repair it.  I then added a rope so that he can pull it back up the hill.   The rope came from a garage sale last spring for .25.    

I went down once, went over a big bump, and crashed.   My grandson couldn't stop laughing. I decided that was enough for me (thank goodness no one took a picture).

We bought a deal for our local restaurant on the radio again last week.   You buy two certificates for $10 and you get $20 worth of meals.   Since I don't eat potatoes we brought home the home fries from my meal plus the biscuit from his meal.  Then next morning I reheated the fries and warmed the biscuit.  I  also fried a couple of eggs and he enjoyed a great breakfast.   

I found enough yarn in my stash without going to the store to be able to participate in a charity blanket event on Saturday!  Yeah!   I only finished one square but I think I'll have plenty of time this weekend to do a couple more before I mail them.  If you like this pattern I found it in a book I download for free from Amazon ..How to Crochet: 16 Quick and Easy Granny Square Patterns (still free as of this morning 2/15/15 -make sure though to check the price before you buy).

We have took to sleeping in the guest room again last night (Saturday).   It's warmer room because it's by the furnace.   The actual degree  this morning when I woke up was -11  and with the wind chill was -27.

The oven needed cleaning after the spillage from the apple dessert I made yesterday.  Let me say it was just a little smoky in here.  I waited till the morning to push the button to help warm the house.   He loved the dessert so I'll have to remember to adjust the apples next time.

I used my rewards from Swagbucks and my gift certificate from Amazon (for selling a book) towards a huge box of toilet paper on Amazon.   It made the purchase a great deal!

How did you save last week?

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