Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Frugal Ways This Week 3/29/15

We took a day drive to Canada for our wedding anniversary.    We finally decided when our drivers license came up to get an enhanced one so we could cross the border.   We have missed going to Canada!

We love a drive and for the price of gas (we filled up here) and eating out we had quite a day. The wind turbines impressed us on our way. On one stretch of the road there must have been a thousand of them.   I have seen these up north but I don't believe we have so many.  Wish they made smaller affordable ones so that we could generate power for our home!

We stopped at a huge fruit and flea market and that made our day!  It was right in the middle of Amish country.  We were able to buy strawberries for a dollar a quart and fresh maple syrup.

Being frugal is a learning process still:....

When we went through the flea market though there were wonderful little things to eat that we never thought of like, pizza in a cone and meatballs in a wrap.   You know we thought we needed to stick with what we have always done and go eat out at a sit down restaurant so we passed them up.  The restaurant we found wasn't too overly priced or anything but really... I can make it better.   Next time we will listen to our instinct and eat those neat (cheaper) things.  

Back at home:

We went to a church rummage sale were I bought two brand new packs of 25 diapers for the grandbaby for $1.00 each.   We will use these first because she is growing fast.

They gave me a garbage bag to put my purchases in and I reused it when I got home.

Made up browned hamburger up for the freezer (great for Hamburger Stew, spaghetti, etc).

I crocheted three of these dish scrubbies.   This should save me from buying so many soap pads to scrub my pans with. They work extremely well plus they are fun to make.

I made liquid hand soap out of our scraps of soap I saved.

Made french toast for only me.   So not to waste the rest of the mixture I made up  more and froze them.   I just put them in my toaster oven to warm when I want them.

Caught up on all the rewards on Friday night and Saturday morning that I could.   You can see them here (the books may not be free any longer).

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