Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Things to Do When You Run Out of Plastic Grocery Bags

5 Things to Do When You Run Out of Plastic Grocery Bags-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We ran out of plastic grocery store bags last week.  We've been going to places like Aldi's and Save-A-Lot to do our grocery shopping and you take your own bag.  I  also tell the cashier to skip the bag if I only buy one item.

What's the problem, you say Vickie, isn't that what you wanted?   Yes, well it does make me feel good that we are not depending on them so often now.  At the same time though we kind of need plastic bags at this moment because we been babysitting beautiful grandbaby!   Believe me they come in handy to hold "those" diapers in.

Grandbaby -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

They are also great for so many things like kitty litter, lining trash cans, etc.  You can see my full list here.

So what have we been doing without so many plastic grocery bags? Well ....we have started looking outside the bag (ha ha)!  

Here are 5 Things to Do When You Run Out of Plastic Grocery Bags:

1.   Use bread bags.   They may not be as big but they will hold quite a lot.  A big plus is that they even come with their own twist tie!

2.  Newspaper plastic bags.  Every Saturday night we get a free newspaper wrapped in a bag thrown in our driveway.  They are not very strong but still great to use.

3.  We've borrowed took some... my oldest daughter has a great stash!   As a matter of fact they were overflowing in her pantry.   I made sure I grabbed some while I was there this morning.

4    Reuse freezer bags. You know those ones you don't want to wash out. 

5.   Don't use them as much as possible.  For instance, I used to put a trash bag in our bathroom trash can.  I've decided that life will go on with out one there. So far we are doing good!

Do you have a substitute for using plastic grocery bags?

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