Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free Kindle Books for Today 9/24/15 Plus Amazon's Deal of the Day!

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Free Kindle Books for today 9/24/15 Make sure you check the price before you buy, Amazon prices can change frequently. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download your favorite Kindle Book on any tablet or smartphone with a free Kindle Reading App.

 Laurel (Historical Fiction)

Laurel (Historical Fiction) 

Pieces of Granite (Coming Home Prequel)

Pieces of Granite (Coming Home Prequel)

 To Trust an Outlaw

To Trust An Outlaw (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 764)

 Frugal Living

Frugal Living: Easy Tips on How to Reduce Expenses, Spend Less and Have a Comfortable Life on a Budget (Frugal living, Frugal living made simple, Frugal living secrets)

 Camping Cookbook

Camping Cookbook: 26 Camping Recipes That Make Cooking Outdoors So Easy... Anyone Can Do It (Rory's Meat Kitchen)

 Baby Powder:17 Impressive uses for Baby Powder

 Growing Food God's way

Growing Food God's Way: Paul Gautschi Grows Superior Food With Much Less Work By..

Amazon's Deal of the Day

50-70% Off Diamond & Gemstone Rings

50-70% Off Diamond and Gemstone Rings- $32.99-$1489.99

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