Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 10/4/15

Flower bouquet in a vase- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I wanted to buy a bouquet of fall flowers for a couple of weeks. Although flowers at Aldi's are not terribly expensive I've been stopping myself from buying them. I found this vase full of flowers at a rummage sale for $5.00.  Looks pretty and real enough to satisfy my flower cravings for the moment!  

Peppers from the garden -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I froze peppers I picked from the garden.   The colder weather is moving in and husband can't seem to wait to plow up the garden.  I keep holding him back so I can get as many of the late crops in as possible.

Mustard growing in the garden -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Late Friday night we picked another two bushels of mustard greens. I canned 7 quarts, saved some for dinner today, and froze the rest.

I was also able to find two ripe tomatoes in the garden for our sandwiches this past week.

Stopped at a small farm that sells fresh vegetables. I picked up a watermelon that was on the discounted table and when I got to the counter they told me it was free. They were not sure if it was still good or not.  I thought it was worth the chance and took it.  It was one of the best watermelons this year!

I made yogurt with milk we got at Aldi's for $1.77 a gallon.

Made taco seasoning.

Made enough Swagbucks to get a $5.00 gift certificate.   Saving these for Christmas.

Our new electric meter was installed this week.  I signed up on the website but have yet to find how they show daily usage.   I will call this week and get more information.   It would be great to know the amount of electric we use per day and see if we can find ways to save.

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