Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deals, Steals, and a Beautiful Sunday!

Trying my best to watch the deals more, I went to Walgreen's on the way to my daughter's this morning.   I bought two Colgate's on sale for $3.99 used a .75 coupon for one and a .50 coupon for the other. I did two transactions and received a total of $4 in register rewards. That made one for $1.49 and the other for $1.24.   Not bad at all!  

I don't run out to get the newspapers on Sunday morning anymore for the coupons.   I get my coupons from the small paper they throw in our driveway and from magazines I get in the mail.   Other than that I use digital coupons.

Then we went on a drive and found a garage sale.   I found twelve like new books for the grandkids for $8.00.   What a deal for my Advent idea of giving them a book a day for twenty five days in December!

I bet you are wondering why there is a sale outside in the middle of November.  We are having summer like weather in Michigan.   It's in the 60's and the sun shining so he is grilling out!   

I'll be back next Sunday with my frugal ways.

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