Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Menu This Past Week 11/14/15

Our wonderful grandson had 3 half days off from school last week. By day three we had exhausted everything we knew to do to have fun.   We had played his version of checkers (he wins), read books, played play-doh, and watched movies.

The weather has turned cold and downright nasty here in Michigan so the playground was out of question.  So we grabbed up both kids and headed to a McDonald's with a play space.   Did you ever do that?  This one was great, it even had a floor piano that the baby could walk on to make noise. Everyone went home tired and full.   Great day!

I managed to cook dinner the whole week except Wednesday.   I was so proud but very tired!  

Our menu changes frequently in my home with use of leftovers, garden produce, deals, or special occasions that come up. With that in mind I have decided to tell you what we have had this past week instead of what I have planned ahead.

Sunday              Chicken noodle soup

Monday             Fresh hamburgers/chips

Tuesday             Chicken and dumplings

Wednesday        Mcdonald's with grandkids (they have a great                                         playspace and it was half day at school)

Thursday            Spaghetti

Friday                 Leftover spaghetti topped with mozzarella cheese                                 and warmed in the oven to melt.

Saturday             Spanish Rice (recipe coming)

Need some more ideas for menus?   You view past menu plans or search my recipes.

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