Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Menu This Past Week: What a Difference a Week Can Make! 11/21/15

Last Sunday:


This morning -not even a full week:

Snow on the Pumpkin

We had a great time last Sunday grilling out.   It was a beautiful 60 degree day with lots of sunshine. It's amazing how the weather can change in a week. Today we are expected to get 6 or more inches of snow!   I'm so glad we enjoyed the great weather while we could.

This cake is white and pink -lighting must make it look kind of orange.

Now, I just hope we can get across town at 2p.m. for granddaughter's birthday party!

Our menu changes frequently in my home with use of leftovers, garden produce, deals, or special occasions that come up. With that in mind I have decided to tell you what we have had this past week instead of what I have planned ahead.

Sunday         BBQ Steak (while we were at it we also bbq sausages and hotdogs)

Monday        Sauerkraut, Mustard greens, and sausages

Tuesday       Steak (we bbq'd enough for two dinners)

Wednesday   Beans and weiners

Thursday      Frozen pizza we bought at Sam's

Friday          The best pinto beans and cornbread that we have had in awhile.  Gave to me by a dear sweet friend. They were loaded with lots of  ham so I didn't even make anything else!  So glad because I really didn't want TV dinners!

Saturday       Birthday dinner for grandbaby-daughter will supply dinner and I will supply cake.  

Need some more ideas for menus?   You view past menu plans or search my recipes.

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