Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Dish Scrubbie Variation

I love crocheting the dish scrubbies don't you?  They come in so handy and they are easy once to do once you get the hang of it. They are great to keep your hands busy while watching t.v. at night.

My good friend has shown me a variation of the dish scrubbie I thought was neat.  These would be great to use any Nylon netting you might have left over. Her's is the one that lays more flat on with the odds and ends used up and mine is the one with the light blue and more frilly.  I tried out a different edging but really you could use any edging to go around.  

Here are both variations.

My variation:

Size I Crochet Hook

Use Nylon Net (comes by the yard at places like Joanne's or you can buy it here on Amazon

cut into 2-3 inch wide strips- (I like to tie the strips together as I cut them and roll into a ball).

chain 4 and slip to form a circle

Working in rounds

Row 1- 4 sc in circle (do not turn)

Row 2- 2 sc in each stitch- 8 sts.

Row 3- 2 sc in each stitch - 16 sts.

Row 4- 2 sc in each stitch - 32 sts.

change to cotton yarn and crochet:
Row 5 & 6 - 1 sc in each stitch -32 sts,

Row 7- *double crochet 3 times,  chain two, then double crochet 3 more times in the same stitch to make a shell.   Skip next chain.*  In the next chain repeat from * till you've made it around.  Fasten off.  

Her variation:

Row 7 - *double crochet five times.  Skip next chain.  Single crochet in next chain.  Skip next chain.*  In the next chain repeat from * till you've made it around.  Fasten off.  

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