Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Update on my Garden Herbs

My herbs in October

Just before the first hard frost that came in October I brought in my herbs indoors to use them in the winter.  I put them in front of the kitchen window on top of the bread and potato box.  I remember being worried about the Lemon Verbena because it look so scraggly.  I was also worried because I heard that bugs might come in with them.      

Well good news with a little trimming the Lemon Verbena is growing nicely and I've not seen one bug. 

My herbs in December

You can see the tyme is growing well too and running down the pot. The rosemary looks basically the same because I've already been using it!

I have them in clay pots that I picked up at a garage sale.  I check the soil often and if the soil is dry I water them.  It ends up that I need to water them approximately every other day (making sure not to overwater).

Do you indoor garden?

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