Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 9/25/16

Canned Mustard Greens

Canned 6 more quarts of Mustard Greens.  I have canned 13 so far and I would like to can at least 7 more quarts.  

I put water in the dish detergent to make it last longer.  

We used leftover ham for dinners throughout the week.  

Minecraft Birthday Cake

I made a birthday cake (I got the idea from Pinterest) for my grandson.  Not wanting to make a special trip to the store I used melted shortening when I ran out of oil in the cake mix.  I also only had one chocolate and one white cake mix.  I put two tablespoons of cocoa in the white cake mix.   It wasn't quite the same but it tasted pretty good!  You can see I was not prepared but things happen I guess.  He loved it!  

Used leftover mashed potatoes for potato cakes

Harvested green peppers and froze them for stuffed peppers.

Had the garage sale!  It's over and we made money!  Of course we couldn't move yesterday but it was worth it.  


Here is a picture of what we bought at Aldi's last night:

Aldi's Shopping Trip

3 Sweetener pouches       $3.99 each
Ham lunch meat               $3.29
Almond Milk                     $1.99
Half and Half                    $1.89
Tortilla Chips                    $1.19
3 gallons of whole Milk   $1.45 each
12 pk of Pop(not shown) $2.25 (plus $1.20 bottle return)
2 Snickers                              .75 each
Milk Chocolate Bar          $1.69
Meatball Frozen Item       $1.79
2 Crescent rolls                 $1.49 each
Split top wheat bread      $  .99 
Celery                                 $1.19
6 pkg of raisins                 $  .99
Two pkgs fall bulbs          $4.99 each 
Disinfectant Wipes           $2.99

Returned bottles                -$1.20 

Total        $53.10

We also spent approximately $38.00 at Meijer for 22 cans of tuna (10 for $10 get one free), powdered sugar, olive oil, and shortening (picture not shown).  Total for this week was $91.10 including the Fall bulbs that I couldn't pass up!  

I went back to Meijer yesterday to buy ice cream for the party.  I was able to use my $5.00 mperks and got them for .50.  I bought the package of 12 ice cream cups.

Menu:  What was on the table last week:

Monday        Omelette, potato cakes, and toast

Tuesday        Soup bean, cornbread  and a sandwich.

Wednesday   Pizza with ham.

Thursday      Hot dogs

Friday           Out to eat (garage sale)

Saturday       Birthday party

Sunday         Festival today!  

My Goals for this week:
In the Home:

Make some more freezer meals. 

Can more mustard greens (I canned 6 quarts last week for a total of 13). 

Clean the den.

Weed the herb garden.  

Dry some herbs. 


Go to the festival today!  


Write two book reviews (only got to one last week). 

What ways have you saved this past week?  

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