Friday, October 7, 2016

This Week in Our Home: Still Harvesting the Garden

Dried herbs

I have been in the herb garden harvesting sage, rosemary, and thyme. This time I dried them in the dehydrator.  I also like to save the sticks from where I take off the herbs and tie them in a small bundle to use in the fireplace.  They make a wonderful smelling fire.

beautiful grandbaby

The beautiful grand baby came with me and picked some cherry tomatoes.   She knows to look for the red ones.  She loves them!   

Peppers ready for the freezer and dinner

I was up to my ears in peppers one day. I picked a peck of peppers and there are still some out there!  I froze some sliced and some whole for stuffed peppers.  We also had a dinner of stuffed peppers that day. 

drying sunflower and rattlesnake beans

I'm also drying my rattlesnake beans and some sunflower seeds.

Cooking mustard greens

This afternoon after a morning of garage sales we are having mustard greens, cornbread, and Grilled Rosemary pork chops made with the herbs from my garden.  

How's your week been going?

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