Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How I Save My Heirloom Green Bean Seed

How I Save My Heirloom Green Bean Seed-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

The garden is winding down and it's been a long while since we picked green beans.   The stalks for the heirloom Rattlesnake green beans are still standing and there are always a few beans that we missed or that I leave on purpose to save the seed. 

Picture of my Garden at the end of the season

Here is my pile of beans I picked.   On the outside they are brown and ugly looking but believe me it's like gold on the inside.  Seeds can be very expensive

Pile of Older Green Beans

I just take out the beans on the inside and let them dry a few days more on a cookie sheet on my table.  

Taking out the beans to save.

I store them in a container (this time it's an empty nut canister) in a cool, dry place.   You'll have to excuse my big thumb!  

Seeds in a canister

Do you save seed for next year?

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The Cape Coop said...

Saving seeds is such a great way to save money! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop :)