Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 5/22/16!

Tilling the Garden

We burned off the garden on Friday night and Saturday my husband tilled it.  He will till again later this evening then I can plant.

Busy with outdoor work I found myself going to the freezer this week and digging out freezer meals. I was so happy yesterday when I found the hot dogs.  We needed some thing quick and easy.  

We went to a couple of subdivision sales and found many great finds!   Here are the two of the best ones for the grand kids!  

Basketball hop for $10.00

A basketball hoop for the grandson $10.00!  We thought about spray painting the long pole but then we said why.  You know it will get back that way again soon!  

Four Wheeler for granddaughter for $3.00

A little four wheeler for the granddaughter for $3.00!  It works great.  Wish I could share the video of her on it and learning how to make it go but apparently that technology is above my head.

Best find for me:

As I was planting flowers at the cemetery yesterday I noticed a subdivision sale across the street. At one everything was half off.   I found 2 pairs of pants and two like new sweaters for a quarter apiece! A new wardrobe for a $1.00!    Now to tell the truth I usually don't buy pants at a garage sale because you never know if they will fit.   For a quarter I figured I could take a chance though and I was blessed with two pairs of pants!

Finds for him:

Tools and more tools...ha ha

What Was On the Dinner Table:

Monday       BBQ Chicken Wings

Tuesday       BLT

Wednesday  Pizza out to eat

Thursday     Pork chops (frozen left overs)

Friday          Bacon wrapped pork chops (frozen leftovers)

Saturday      Hot Dogs with Chili Sauce (just used chili sauce out of can this time)

Sunday        Lasagna (ready to bake in the refrigerator -made one an extra one for make-ahead meal)

My Goals for this Week:

In the garden:

Plant our big vegetable garden.

Plant the rest of the school garden.

In the kitchen:

As busy as I see myself this week with gardening I think I will just be happy to get dinner on the table and the floor swept!


Write a book review.  

What frugal things have you done so far this week?  

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