Friday, December 2, 2016

My December Christmas Plans

I have almost finished decorating just need to put up a few lights. In one little corner we have our little grandparents tree. It's so easy to put up! We found the reindeer at a thrift store and it's nose blinks.  The nativity set is basically child proof.  Beautiful granddaughter can rearrange all the people and animals till her hearts content.  

Something about December brings out the best in everyone.  Well, at least in me.  I want to spread the Christmas cheer and bring a little happiness if just for a moment to someone else. We give gifts of course to our family but I always want to do a little more for both my family and for others.  

Some of the  extra ways I thought of this year don't really cost too much, just my time.  Some of them are effortless and I can do them many times over throughout the month. It's the little things I think that warm peoples heart. They feel good that someone cares enough to do things for them.

1.    Deliver goodies to my kind neighbors (gingerbread cookies or fudge)
2.    Smile at someone.   I want to smile so big they will have to smile back.
3.    Donate canned goods to the local food pantry
4.    Leave my change at McDonald's for the Ronald McDonald House
5.    Donate some of my Swagbucks to a charity
6.    Do something for all the immediate family members -  oldest daughter (clean out her car), youngest daughter (clean her room), and for the husband (organize the part of the garage he will let me touch).
7.    Give my cart to someone at Aldi's and not worry about the quarter. 
8.    Donate books to the library for their book sale.
9.    Donate plastic grocery bags to the child care center close by (they always need them)
10.  Donate used clothes.
11.  Start crocheting hats to donate.
12.  Donate money to my favorite charity.

Of course I don't want to forget myself!   Things I want to do for me! 

 1. Adopt a cat.  Our cat died this past summer and I have missed him so much.  It took me a while to get over it and longer to convince my husband we need another cat.  After long conversations (I enlisted other family members that were on my side) I'll be getting one!  You know in a marriage you both have to agree in order to get along.  Now we agree!  😁  Really I think he secretly wants one too.  

2.   Go to Crossroads Village Christmas with the family.

3.   Go to Frankenmuth with friends.

4.   Spend a day or night watching old Christmas movies!  

5.   Enter in a apple pie contest.   

What plans do you have for December?

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