Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6 Things That are Worth Paying For!

I know this kind of goes against of the grain of my frugality mindset but there are just some things I think are just worth paying for. We try our best to save and buy them as much as possible. How do I afford it?   I save on the little things.  All those frugal ways of saving every week add up.  We can then spend or save that money on things we consider worth paying for.   

Here are 6 things that top our list:

1.  Mailing a package to a friend or loved one out of state or country.  My first thought is always that's a lot of money to send just a small package.  Then I remember there is no way I could travel that distance for that amount of money.  To save money: I look for the least expense way to mail the package (example USPS: flat rate boxes or media mail for books).

2.  Farm fresh eggs and produce.   I still buy eggs out of the store when I have to but there is nothing like a farm fresh egg.  To me the taste and quality is superior.  We also love to buy fruit that we don't grow in our backyard garden. To save money:  We usually find a farm on one our country rides and we buy 5 or 6 dozen eggs at a time.  Don't forget to check your farmer's markets.  Sometimes they will give you a deal if you buy a bushel or two of produce.  

3. Garage Sale finds.  Watching you money is great but we make sure we let go of a little during garage sale season.  We love to look for things we need in our house.  Tools for the kitchen and garage, furniture, grand kids toys, and clothes are the main things we look for in great condition. To save money: I always try and negotiate for a lower price!

4.  A vacation once (maybe twice) a year.  Getting away from the house and visiting new places once or twice a year is a lot of fun. It's also a big stress reliever!  We try to make it a priority and plan for it.  To save money:   We may use our No Spend January money if it's a big vacation or save our coins for the smaller vacations.

5.  Out to eat once a week.   This has become something my husband makes sure is in the budget once a week.  Sometimes it's just fast food but it's so worth it.  The kitchen gets a break and so do I!   To save money:  We save coupons that come in the mail and look for deals.  You can read the other ways we save money eating out here.  
Easy trips that make painting both easy and frugal!

6.  DIY's that we don't have a clue how to do.   A lot of repairs we manage to do ourselves but some DIY's go beyond our level of experience. Sometimes the cost of having it done professionally is smaller then the time and effort it takes for us to do the DIY.   For instance, we are going to pay to have new drywall in our bedroom. We have researched this and determined that it's better left up to someone who knows what they are doing.  To save money: We look for a great worker in the off season and we make sure to get their references.  I also make sure do the things I know to do (like wallpaper and paint).

What are the things you think are worth paying for?

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