Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Smart Strategies to Save Money Eating Out

We find ourselves eating out just about once a week.  As long as it's in the budget I'm good with that!  I think it's my husband's way of cooking. His excuse is that he can't cook and this is his way of giving me a break. Now,  I personally think everyone can cook if they want to ..he just doesn't want to!  

Sometimes we go to a sit down restaurant and sometimes we end up at our local fast food restaurant.   Either way I'm happy. 

I have found out that going out to eat doesn't need to be a budget breaker if you use these 5 Smart Strategies to Save Money:

1.   Go out for breakfast.  Breakfast foods can be one of the lowest cost items on the menu.  At some restaurants, they serve breakfast all day.   

2.   Drink water. Forgo the coffee, tea, or pop and have good old fashioned water. It's better for you and it's free!  This is always a hard one for me.  For some reason I just think I have to have a coke.  Maybe it's the free refills.  

3.   Coupons or Deals. Don't forget to save your coupons for eating out. We save everyone that comes in the mail so we can just decide where we are going when the time comes.
We also get deals from our local T.V. station or our local deal site (Seize the Deal) that will make the dinner half off.

4.   Share a plate. If the restaurant is known for it's large dinners consider sharing a plate.  Just ask for two plates with your meal and the waitress won't even bat an eye.

5.  Take it home. Ask for a box and take home what's left on your plate. Your leftovers can make a great snack for later on or you can add to it to make a whole new meal. 

What ways do you save money eating out?

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