Friday, June 9, 2017

Is Gardening Worth It? Total Amount Spent so Far

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Is gardening worth it?  The initial cost every year of putting it in can sometimes shock you. This year I kept all the receipts and decided to keep track on how much it has cost to put in our vegetable and fruit gardens.  I know I could start my plants indoors but really there isn't much room to do that at our house.  Then we have a cat and I think if I found room it would be a constant battle. So I help support our local greenhouses house every year.   

So here is a breakdown of the money I've spent putting in our Vegetable and Fruit Garden this year:

Vegetable plants

$12.99 for vegetable flat

$ 14.99 for vegetable flat and a few flowers

Herbs-oregano, thyme, chives and rosemary -$16.97.  I decided last year to put the herbs at the back of the garden because we thought the garden was too big.  They all rotted because it stays wet too long back there.  They are now in my mother's old wash tub.
This year we've decided the garden was just the right size!  We are always changing our minds about something!  

Fruit-I bought one apple tree and my youngest bought the other for me for Mother's day -$24.00.   I always ask for flowers or plants for the garden for Mother's day!  

Paid $20.00 for mail order strawberries.  This is the cheapest way to buy strawberry plants.  They are planted in my flower garden. 

Seeds- I used seeds that I have saved, some packages I bought extremely discounted at the end of the last year, and I have even won some seeds!  -maybe $2.00

I bought onions, seed potatoes, poles for bean tepees and other things I can't remember - $35.00

Total -$125.95

I more than likely will get this back many times over this harvest season. Even with our worst garden harvest we've made it back and more without a problem.  I'll be keeping track of my harvest this year again and see how much the garden brings in.  In the future months I hope to compare the cost of putting it in compared to the cost of buying it out of the store or farmers market, and buying the plants/seeds..

How's your garden growing?  

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