Friday, June 2, 2017

In the Garden: Seems like you get one chance in Michigan and you have got to roll!

Yesterday with one more pass with the tiller the husband declared the garden was dry and ready to plant.   I was so excited and ready to go!   Finally we can get this garden put in and we are only a couple of days late!

Before I collasped, I put up the bean tepees and planted the first row of them.  Then planted corn, flowers (sunflowers and zinnias), peppers, and beets.  My husband then planted potatoes.  It was about then I  ran back in the house and decided Rome wasn't built in a day! There is always tomorrow or at least until the next rain day.  That's scheduled for Sunday so I'll stay busy for the next few days.  Seems like you get one chance in Michigan and you have got to roll.  

I got the idea to use solar lanterns for my beets from volunteering at the Senior citizens garden.  We have had a problem with groundhogs and deer eating them just before they get big enough to harvest.  At their garden they have had good luck with these scaring them off when the lights turn on.  It's worth a try.  I'll let you know how that goes.   

Just after I planted my corn a mole came out of the ground trying to go down the row and eat my seeds!   Thanks goodness husband was out there because all I could do was say "look"!  

My herb garden completely died in the back of the vegetable garden.  Really I think it just rotted with all the rain.   I decided to start all over again and plant herbs in my Mother's old washtub.   I put in rosemary, thyme, chives, oregano, and chamomile.  I got the idea to make the plant markers from here.  They meet all my criteria, free, simple,  and cute.  

My rose propagation is working!   I will now have a rose bush in my yard that came from my husband's Grandma and Grandpa's home.  So neat!  My cousin said to keep it covered for a little while longer (maybe a couple of weeks).  

How's your garden growing?  

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