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Friday, May 19, 2017

This week in our home: Planting Rose Bushes, I'm Blessed, and Volunteering!

Last week I brought home some stems from a rose bush that belonged to my husband's grandmother.  I've never tried to propagate roses before but I talked to my cousin and she told me how she has had some success. Looking on the Internet I realize a lot of people do plant them this way so she is right on the money.   So I just took the long stems and stuck them a foot deep down in the ground (our ground is very wet right now).  She said to put cut a fork in the end of the stem but I just cut it an angle.  My cutting skills are not that good I guess.   Then I placed a jar over top till they show signs of growth.  It may or may not work but it sure is fun trying.   You can see I have high hopes on one of the three taking off I have my rosebush trellis ready to go!  

While I was out back with the roses I heard a little boy say Hi Old lady. He was cutting across the yard so he could go play with some kids behind us. I said uh? He said again, Hi Old lady.   It was then that I realized he was talking to me. Oh man I'm old! It was so funny but kind of made me a little sad at the same time.  I finally came to realize that I'm blessed. Yes, I got to be old!

I volunteered yesterday for my first time as a Master Gardener trainee at a large vegetable garden.  I'm so impressed with this project. The garden is for the senior citizens in the mobile home park.   All the produce goes to them when it's harvested.  The garden is quite large and 44 varieties of vegetables will be planted.  I'll show you a picture when everything is up.  There is a great group of men and women that help too that live in the park. 

True Temper Action Hoe - 266078500

While I was there I used a hoe like this.  This one is a true temper Action Hoe.  I found out that I had been hoeing my garden wrong at the Master Gardening class. Come to find out, you are not supposed to dig a hole to China  like I have been doing all these years. Who knew?  It's on my wish list until I have enough credit to buy it.   

They also had a mason bee house that I was so impressed with. Looks easy to make and we might just have the materials in our garage!  

How's your week be going?  

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