Monday, August 14, 2017

This Past Week in Our Home: A Trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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It seems like this summer has just flew by and it was time finally to take our trip to the U.P. of Michigan. We rented our cabin back in April for this trip and I was able to pay for my part of the cabin with the money I saved from my piggy bank!    It was a trip I hope the grandchildren especially the grandson will always remember.   

Our first adventure was at Tahquamenon Falls.  So pretty but really this picture does not do it justice. You see, I snapped this picture in a hurry so I could get back to the vehicle.   

We were greeted when we came out of the resturant at the falls with a flat tire.  All would have been well except we realized pretty quickly that this flat was beyond repair (apparently, we ran over something big).  Then we discovered we had just a little problem, the spare was rusted stuck in the little hole underneath the vehicle. Yep, we went from bad to worse.  We called the local towing company for help  from the little souvenir shop (no cell phone service that far back in the woods). About an hour and half later, much to the delight of our little grandson, we finally got the spare on.  He just loved watching the whole operation.  Then we were on our way to get a real tire in the closet town  We were blessed that we found a used tire place because no one had a new one this size. Another happy moment of watching for the grandson.

You know while I was waiting for the tow truck with my husband I imagined quite a bill.  Isn't it funny how your imagination can just go over board and the unnecessary worry you can inflect upon yourself.  I should depend on God more I think know and leave my worries to him.  In end the total cost of the tow truck was $130.00 and the used tire was $30.00 (balanced and installed).  Really it wasn't bad at all in the long run.  It was quite a bit lower than what I had figured in my head and it had to be done.  It was all fixed in no time flat 😉, we were happy and on our way again.  We really never mentioned it again we just went on and had a good time.  

Now that we are back I foresee a complete set of new tires and I think it's time for a no spend week or two!  Time for more of my frugal ways!  

Throughout our stay we saw a total of 6 different waterfalls and I think we only skimmed the service.  They are just beautiful! 

We also took a boat to see the Pictured Rocks on the Lake Superior shoreline.  This view of the shoreline though is from above at the park.  

Back at the cabin I found quiet  times when the kids were taking a bath or early in the morning to read and finish my book I took along, The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I actually picked the perfect book to take as we were right in the heart of Chippewa country.  It was one of those books I just couldn't put it down.  

The last night of our stay we went to a Pow Wow put on by the local Chippewa tribe at a nearby park that was free.  Let me tell you this trip made the grandson very happy!  

Have you had a great vacation to remember this summer?

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