Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 4/9/17!

After a wild week of wind, snow, and rain with some flooding we had a beautiful day yesterday.  I was able to plant some lettuce seeds in a bag of soil (because of wet soil we are usually not able to get into the garden till late Spring).  

I used one package of the lettuce seeds I bought marked down last Fall and a free package of seeds that came in the mail yesterday.  

We went to 3 estate sales yesterday.  I found some of the things I have on my list to look out for at sales. I found some long tapered candles 6 for $2.00 and I found some handkerchiefs for 8 for $1.00 for my father-in-law.  I also found 3 like new baby dolls for the grand baby for $3.00.  She was so happy.  My husband found some shears to trim the bushes and other tools. 

I cleaned and sorted the pantry.   I put the can goods back in according to the expiration dates.  

We are headed out later this morning to an Free Easter Egg Hunt. They promise free hot dogs too. The grand kids will love it.  

I paid our part of a rental cabin for this summer with the money I saved in our piggy bank!   Yeah!  

What was on the table last week:

Monday            Baked chicken

Tuesday           Spaghetti

Wednesday      Out to eat

Thursday         Italian dressing Chicken/green beans/potatoes (I cooked this all in one pan in the oven)

Friday             Out to eat 

Saturday         Tacos and burritos

Sunday            Grill out -chicken, hotdogs, and hamburgers.  

My goals for next week:


Clean guest room

Put some items up for sale


Read and review a book

What ways have you saved this week?

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