Monday, August 7, 2017

This Week in Our Home: Memories

I have been absent for a couple of days on the blog and I thought I would let you know where we have been.   

We celebrated the life of my husband's Father this past week.  He was 94 when he passed away this past week.  We will miss him for sure. The pastors spoke about his long life and how much he must of seen throughout the years.   I can only imagine and hope that I will be able to live as long.   

My favorite way to remember him was that he was a great gardener who was willing to help us newbies get their first garden in.      

Here are some gardener tips he gave me that I remember:

1.  If you are going to weed the onions don't use a hoe.  

2.  Don't plant too deep they will never come up.  He joked about us digging a hole to China.  

3.  Save your seed.   They made a effort to save their seeds every year.  Many were heirloom like greasy beans and six week beans. 

4.  Garden till you absolutely can't anymore.   He loved it and was able to garden until just a few years ago!

5.  Grow enough if you can to give some away.   He was always willing to share his harvest.  

Then there were the little things (that are actually big things) that you remember of a persons life.  The pastors spoke about him carrying gum and offering a stick of gum to everyone while at church. I never got a stick of gum in 30 some odd years (really) but he never failed to ask me when I walked in the door did I want some sort of cake or treat.   Of course he caught us as we were leaving and made sure he loaded up our trunk every time with garden produce or canned goods.   Hospitality and caring can be a big thing.   

We will always have great memories of him.

I took the picture of the butterfly by his house.  They seemed to be flying everywhere.  Beautiful!  

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