Monday, October 23, 2017

Menu Plan for 10/23/17!

I finally found time to defrost my freezer yesterday.  I know now why I put if off for so long, it's a lot of work! It amazed me that so much of the food had gotten lost and forgotten. Thankfully only I only had to throw away a couple of things. 

So I got busy and decided to organize the shelves (it's a stand up freezer),  the first shelf is for beef, second one is for chicken, the next one is for pork, and the bottom shelf is for packaged food.  The side door is for bread, frozen food, and shredded cheese.  I wrote on strips of masking tape what each shelf was for and stuck it to the side wall of the freezer.  I know I'll have to go back out there (the freezer is in the garage) and organize it again and again but the food waste will greatly be reduced (as well as the grocery bill).  Next I'm on to the pantry!  Well not real soon, I need to sew and mop my floor first. 

Menu Plan for the week of 10/22/17

Monday                 Hot dogs w/ coney island sauce and homemade french fries.  

Tuesday                Stuffed Peppers, green beans, and rolls

Wednesday             Tacos

Thursday              Leftovers

Friday                    Cheeseburgers and potato chips

Saturday               Stew  made with leftover roast from last week that I froze

Sunday                  Tater Tot Casserole, pinto beans, and cornbread

Tip for the week:   Organize your freezer to save time and money!  

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