Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Last of the Garden Pictures (Well except for the Mustard Greens)

One of my goals for this week got done pretty quickly yesterday when the husband said, "I have a few minutes so I think I'll just go till up that garden."   A shudder went through me and I shouted hold on!  I had been clearing most of it all week but there were blooms to be picked and tomato cages to pull.  What was he going to do plow through everything?

Scared me to death and I went out of my sewing room right out to the garden in a matter of minutes.   I picked the last of the zinnia's really quick for bouquets for the bedroom and dining room and also saved some for seed. Then, while I was at it I got him started on pulling the tomato cages while I stacked them. That will teach him to scare me like that!  

I had to laugh this morning when I went outside. the garden still needs to be plowed.  We got so busy clearing it out that he ended up too tired to plow it up.  Maybe today. 

Earlier in the week our granddaughter helped me pick the last of the pumpkins.  She loved the wheelbarrow ride.   Here she was waiting on Pop to come out the door to see our pumpkins.  

This is my funniest picture of her showing me what she can do! 

How's everything at your house this week?

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